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The Bridge Between Generations

The council is a small group of men influential in the child’s life. It should be someone the child already has a relationship with and respects enough to receive his wise counsel. Individually, a member of the council shares a gift and/or words of wisdom. The council member shares the gift publicly and explains how the gift can be used in his life. The men are ready! Every man has something to teach. Their life wisdom must be shared. It is important for the younger generation to sit at the feet of wisdom. The man and the male child need each other to bond, share and receive.

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The crown is a personal symbol of his royalty. The mother sets the triumphant culmination of the endeavor. The mother can also share pearls of wisdom and/or gift.


This is when everyone important to him celebrates his maturation and the moment in time. Every aspect of the celebration should reflect the personality of the child. The table centerpieces can creatively represent your son. You can serve his favorite meal, drink, and dessert. Add a DJ and you have a party!

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