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“Every male child is a king in his own right. We teach our children they are loved and important. This event is a resource to honor and propel their greatness.”

This event celebrates the milestone 16th birthday for male teenagers. It marks the transition of a boy to a young man. This event also prepares him for manhood by the men he respects. Through his family, friends, and community, it acknowledges everything he has become and what he shall be.


My Reason. My Purpose. My Motivation.

Raising my son, Joshua, as a single mother, I understood the needs of my son. I am well capable of teaching him how to be a great person. I do not know what it means to be a man. Specifically, I don’t know what it means to be a black man in America. I understand the importance of having great role models around and before him. This event is an extension of my parenting.

I wanted to create a Rites of Passage experience for two reasons. The first reason is to celebrate the milestone of his 16th birthday. Secondly, I wanted to pour into my son what it means to be a man from other men. Like every parent, I want to give him every opportunity to succeed.  I have a desire for my son to not only be a successful person financially, academically, and so on, but I also want him to be a great man. I want to give him the tools. Those tools are far beyond books and coaching but emotional, spiritual, and real-life training.

After our family experience, I knew Becoming A King needed to be shared with many black sons. Our sons should know they are significant at home and in their village first. We have the opportunity to set the standard for their life. This event will love on and encourage millions of our sons to walk in their greatness. This is a formal celebratory tool for parents.



3631 Chamblee Tucker Road, Unit 941671
Atlanta, Ga 31141

Office 404.436.1669 • Direct 478.283.2233


  • 300 US dollars

  • 4,000 US dollars

  • Starting at $1500

  • Price Varies
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